Your Personal Branding Can Look Confusing When You Were Confused While Creating It.

(Not a tongue twister)

There are still many aspiring people who gets confused about personal branding. Some of us have started with it the wrong way as we have the tendency to lean more towards external factors, thinking personal branding is creating your representation that suits your audience’s taste, or piques their curiosity. Some may even look at other people’s branding, thinking they could just do something similar.

While it is good to consider those whom you are putting your brand in front of or even competitors, mentors and other outside influences, they don’t necessarily have to be the biggest or the first and foremost considerations. Giving all the weight on external factors or thinking about them first, will have you end up creating a brand image that doesn’t reflect anything about who you are.

So for example, let’s talk about your audience’s preferences based on age demographics. Remember that we’re in the age of globalization, modernization and youthfulness.

The oldest Pokemon Go player is 84!

Unlike the olden days when you can clearly distinguish between the young and the old in terms of preference, nowadays there really isn’t much of a difference.

So even being too mindful of your audience’s age range isn’t as necessary. Just pick the average age of your chosen range, and settle for that as one of the minor considerations. Do not overthink.

Your Personal Branding is About YOU

Creating your personal branding just really means presenting yourself to the world. Be you. Show yourself as you and not some made up character. I made the mistake of overthinking my audience’s preferences a couple of times and it just resulted to redoing everything over and over again.

While I was creating those branding fails, they seemed to look great. That’s because we are fired up and bias to our new ideas initially. It does take a while before we see them without the shining effect of newness and without our egoistic defensiveness about the fruits of our labor. True right? We’ll kill anyone who’d say it’s horrendous or plain or boring…

With personal branding, it pays to be objective. Because as soon as we put out our branding image out there, we are already eliciting first impressions.

It feels genuine when your logo speaks your personality. You can never go wrong with being authentic. Because then, it won’t pressure you to live up to your branding because it already shows who you are. Also your branding should always catch up to who you are constantly evolving to be and not the other way around. It’s easier to rebrand according to your most updated self whereas it’s difficult to adjust yourself to a brand that clearly isn’t what you’re about or is too far-fetched from the real and genuine YOU.

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