And yes because of that, we are launching our own AYM Incubator Program. If you are a MICRO or SMALL B2B business, which means your target customers are business enterprises, we would like to encourage you to apply. We will gladly help in growth hacking your business with NO UPFRONT COST.


We believe that in order for our MICRO and SMALL Enterprises to expand and grow, they must be digitally enabled. Apart from the vision our team lead has in keeping our business community abreast with the latest technologies, she believes that if the lower business sectors will experience growth it would significantly change the ecosystem and uplift many lives by creating more jobs and then we move to the next mission which is digitally enabling individuals to side hustle their way to success.


Not all businesses are scalable and we all have to accept that. We are going to review applications based on this and quite a few other factors but the initial qualification criteria are as follows:

B2B Business
Your business qualifies if you have products or services that mainly caters to business enterprises whether or not you have acquired your initial clients. We would love to work with you in getting your business off the ground.
No In-house Sales Team
Your business has not employed a sales team yet. We are referring to salaried employees handling area sales. Exception will be a secretary or an assistant who is currently entertaining sales inquiries and handling transactions.
Legal in all aspect
Your company is not operating an illegal activity, is not producing any illegal items or services and your company is duly registered as a legit business in the Philippines


Incubator Program Application
We will keep all your input strictly confidential.
Place NONE if your business doesn't have a website. You may place the URL of your online listings (OLX or other business directories)
Please state why you are applying for the Incubator Program.